Who we are informs what we do


As an organisation, we don’t like to toe the line; to support the status quo; to keep our heads down. We are happiest when we are challenging and contrary, when we achieve success by refusing to accept being pigeon-holed or what a law firm is supposed to be.

We also understand that we are most valuable when we are working with clients who have a similar philosophy. We are energised and excited by clients who want to challenge their own circumstances or environment, to test the boundaries and assumptions that might constrain them and by doing so, make great things happen. We are passionate about being part of that.

So, we are setting out to define ‘challenge’ as a positive thing. This is a valuable perspective: it helps our clients understand and achieve their goals by managing risk; informs and helps them shape their decisions; and captures the value of our network for them.

It is also a culture we are endeavouring to develop in and around our own organisation.


Where to next?


Our tribe