The next 200 miles

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Our ambition is to be the leading legal business for innovators and entrepreneurs operating globally.  We are making good progress.

In the next four years we want to become a significant and positive part of the UK innovation ecosystem. To achieve this we are focused on becoming:


An international business for the innovation economy built on an authentic sense of purpose and fully loaded with the tools, talent and technology needed to enable innovators and entrepreneurs to make great things happen.


There are four distinct elements to this:



An international business for the innovation economy…

We are clear that the leading legal business for innovators and entrepreneurs is an international one.  Its footprint will reflect the innovation economy domestically and secure all the advantages of being at the centre of the global ecosystem for its clients and network. 

Our priority over the next four years is therefore to establish ourselves in the top three centres for innovation in the UK - London, Cambridge and Oxford (based on VC funding data from the UK Tech Nation report 2019). We will use that footprint to establish ourselves as a positive catalyst for the success of our clients. 

Globally we will continue to develop our operating platform in Singapore - where we will support clients in Asia, as well as develop and network in the leading South East Asian technology and innovation hub.  We will also be in a position to access networks and support clients in the US, and offer access to a post Brexit Europe. 

By 2024, therefore, we will be operating from six locations globally, reflecting a clear imprint of the innovation economy, allowing us the greatest opportunity to help our clients make great things happen.



…built on an authentic sense of purpose…

Our guiding principles will remain sacrosanct in the choices that we make. 

Our strategy is identity led.  We focus on what we are passionate about. Our culture, and the behaviours that support this, will define our alignment with what is best about the characteristics of the innovators and entrepreneurs that we work with. 

It is also our belief that to achieve our ambition in the next phase of development, we should also behave as an exemplar of “good” business.  That will require us to be inclusive, environmentally neutral and community positive. 

It’s not our intention to stop there.  We will use our own example as a platform to be an advocate for good business in the innovation UK system.  We will build on our success with the Zebra Project, sharing and acting as a catalyst for conversation, learning and development across all aspects of our network, reaching beyond just our clients. 



…fully loaded with tools, talent and technology needed…

We need fantastic lawyers who share our passion for innovation and entrepreneurship.  We will continue to develop that core capability.

We will also develop our ability to support our clients more broadly with alternative legal resources and technology.  We have developed a proven model for doing this through collaboration and joint venture supported with investment, and we will continue to deploy this approach.

To pull all this together, we will invest in our bandwidth to enable high quality dialogue with our clients and our network, so that we respond to the priorities of our ecosystem, rather than our profession. 



…to enable innovators and entrepreneurs to make great things happen.

Our passion is working with clients through the entire continuum of the innovation ecosystem - from the individuals behind the businesses, to the multinational companies that they can create. 

The common thread remains the mind set – a desire to always find a way forward – not if, but how. 

For the entrepreneurs and the vital support elements of the innovation ecosystem – ranging from the learned societies, to scientific research bodies and universities - our approach will be to remain laser focused on the issues that are important in that community and to provide support, insight and connections that are aligned to it. 

For growing innovation companies, who depend on the lifeblood of investment, we will seek to be the go-to legal advisor in the UK. We will use our network to create value for our clients, leveraging our connections and influence to be a catalyst for success. 

Within the established company market, whether it be a well-run family business or a fast growing multinational company, our significance will come through focus - a focus on working with those businesses that value our creativity and pragmatism, those clients who want to align themselves with a disruptive and entrepreneurial mind-set.

If we do this, we will be recognised as the leading legal business for innovators and entrepreneurs in our home markets and provide the foundation to continue to build that influence globally, to achieve our long-term ambition.