Being part of the tribe - our guiding principles


Our passion for working with innovators and entrepreneurs is a mind-set, not a sector or a market. It is about being part of a tribe - our people, clients and collaborators - who think and have the courage to behave in the same way.

For everyone in our organisation we simply ask you to follow one simple mantra - Do the right thing for our tribe. 

We recognise that it is not a binary world and the right thing will be different from one decision or context to another so we have identified some reference points that we can rely on when making these judgements:

  • Tribe - Clan - Family - Self.  Always in that order.  Collective success before individual achievement.
  • Drive to be the best at what you do. Commit to helping others to be the same.  
  • Enjoy what you do and help everyone else to do the same. Friendly is a good thing (it shows composure and compassion). It defines us.
  • Own everything. Express your opinion and then commit. 
  • Diversity is good. Be yourself and respect difference.
  • Be inventive. It’s OK not to know the answer, not to get things right first time. It’s how we know we are learning.
  • Our value is enhanced by being connected and making connections. Make them happen.
  • Value the intangible. Just because we can’t measure it doesn’t diminish its value.

If we all share the passion of the tribe, and we all buy into the principles of how we should be, then we can afford each other the highest levels of flexibility and individual expression. The foundations of autonomy are in alignment.

If this does not resonate with you then we respect that. Maybe we can help each other, we can certainly coexist but we will not be right for you because we want to be part of an ecosystem that is built on shared beliefs and enthusiasm for what we do.

We don’t pretend to be all things to all people, and you should find a place that is true to what you believe. There is integrity in that and we salute you.

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